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Prevents ongoing maintenance water leaks interior damages

For Flat Roofs:

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So You Never Have To Worry About Roof Maintenance Again!

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Our Silicone waterproofing product is specially designed for RV’s and Flat or Low-Slope Rooftops!

The Silicone we use on roofs… is manufactured with 94.2% Raw Silicone Materials, and 5.8% Fiberglass!
Most all Silicone Manufacturing Companies, say that their Silicone products are 100% Silicone?
In Reality there is actually only 30-40% silicone, in their products, 60-70% are cheap fillers.

You may be using the TPO waterproofing system now, or about too… if so, review the following comparison of TPO and Our 94% silicone and 6% fiberglass 50 Year Transferrable Warrantee Water Proofing Product…

Even though TPO has been proven to be an alternative to waterproof roof-top, it requires maintenance every few years…

Why not have a product installed on your next roof, that has… Zero maintenance, with a 50 Year Transferrable Warranty, that will also increase the value to your building, but lower your insurance cost….

TPO Water Proofing system has a “Water Leakage Risk” 

With TPO, installers having to seal all cut membrane edges, including factory cut edges…. There has always been the potential for leak issues at those welds!

Even though once the seams have been properly bonded together, during the installation process, because of extreme weather conditions, seams have been known to separate and leak overtime, thus creating possible water damages as well as additional cost to fix leaking areas being repaired! With that comes the possibility of having to apply a new TPO layer to ensure and solve all issues?

The good news is because of this new unique Silicone waterproofing system, we can prep existing leaking decks, and apply our proprietary silicone system over the TPO deck, and seal it off for good! Or our product can be installed direct to deck…

Of course, most of the time to find leaks at times, contractors may have to flood the roof to find the leak, we don’t have too! and can apply our silicone system over TPO, once cleaned and prepped!

Why even take that chance now that you are aware there is a Silicone Waterproofing System with a 50 Year Transferrable Warranty?

One and Done Roofing System

Water Tight Roofs is a company that specializes in providing long-term, durable protection and insulation for recreational vehicles (RV).

We use a proprietary system to create a 50 year RV roof that is designed to stand up to the toughest weather conditions.

Our roofs are made with a seamless, single-ply membrane that is designed to be watertight and highly reflective, helping to keep the interior of your RV cool and comfortable.

Our roofs are also class 4 impact-resistant against hail, guaranteeing your RV’s protection from the elements. With our Water Tight roof, you can rest assured that your RV will be well-protected for years to come.

Water Tight Roof Perks

Say Goodbye to Maintenance

Traditional roofing requires upkeep. This is especially true for RV Roofing that often requires costly re-sealing and UV treatments annually to keep the roof from deteriorating. With our system, you can say goodbye to maintenance.

Your roof is now protected by a permanent, contiguous, membrane that is naturally UV resistant and will not fade, chalk, crack, or deteriorate over time.

Easy To Clean

A high solids content makes it extremely stain resistant and a breeze to keep clean.

Energy Efficient

The reflecive properties of our product can reduce your roof temperate in hot areas. 

Our customers report and immediate reduction in A/C usuage and energy consumption. This can decrease the power bill as well as save your generators, A/C units and reduce energy consumption as well as eliminate unnecessary wear and tear!


TPO Fire-Resistant membranes have been known to continue to burn LONG AFTER the flame has been extinguished, which has been proven through burn tests!

Silicone is extremely FIRE RESISTANT, however without an extreme amount of heat, it won’t start to melt at temperatures above 1414*C – 2577.2*F to be exact. But per BASCO who states… “lighting a chunk of silicone on fire, is about as hard as lighting a DIAMOND on fire. Both are network solids with a similarly tight-packed crystal structure”.

Silicone can burn under extreme temperatures, when engulfed in flames for a long period of time!

Custome-Fit Seamless Membrane

Our system components share the same base formulation, allowing them to bond seamlessly to form a single, custom-fit, roofing membrane that is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, and class 4 impact-resistant against hail.

Guaranteed for 50 Years

The patented properties used in the EverSeal System are virtually immune from breaking down, deteriorating, or degrading. For 50 years, our sealants will be free of defects meeting the same physical properties as the time they were first manufactured. Maximum life span guaranteed. Your home or business is covered.

Permanent Leak-Proof Seal

After thorough preparation, our certified flat roof pros apply the EverSeal Roofing System as a liquid onto your existing roof surface. Within hours the liquid solidifies forming a continuous leak-proof seal fit to your building’s exact size and shape. No seams. No gaps. No points of failure. And virtually no way for standing water to get in again. No more leaks!

Hail Resistant

Your new roof is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. To date, not a single EverSeal roof has been damaged by hail. But even if it were, the roof repair is so simple. We merely apply new product to the affected area and it seamlessly bonds back into a continuous leak-proof membrane. Good as new.

Ponding-Water Proof Roofing Services

Even if water pools on your roof, don’t worry. The EverSeal System is ponding-water proof and uses the highest quality roofing material available. You could line your swimming pool with our industrial flat roof coatings. Our sealant system stays 100% water-repellent, keeping you and your valuables dry and safe from water damage.


The EverSeal flat roof system is strength-reinforced, transforming the weakest most vulnerable areas of your entire roof into a solid roof foundation ready for encapsulation. This proprietary process ensures decades of optimal performance.

NOT A Typical Flat Roof Coating

Roof coatings are like paint. They degrade and crack. You have to re-coat them year after year. Flat roof coatings can’t stand up to harsh exposure from the sun or withstand ponding water. The EverSeal System is a sturdy new roof system guaranteed for 50 years.

Leaders of the Flat Roofing Industry

The WaterTightRoofs Secret:

Inspired by NASA. Made from the
Most Weather-Resistant Minerals on Earth.

Take advantage of the same technology used by NASA to protect billion-dollar rockets under the most extreme conditions in the universe.
The key component in the EverSeal formula comes from quartz, a mineral so durable it’s virtually incorruptible. But it’s also flexible and extremely elastic, moving and adapting to any flat roof surface — making our roof coatings durable even in the most extreme conditions.

The system’s molecular structure is so tight, water molecules are too large to enter or dissolve the material. This moisture resistance causes water to slip right off the existing roof structure.

It’s lasted the equivalent of over 50+ years in accelerated weather chamber testing.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services concluded it would take 1 million years for the raw flat roof materials in our sealants to decompose in the environment.

How You Can Save Thousands With WaterTightRoofs

Pay Thousands LESS than a typical reroof

Avoid paying for a re-roof when you don’t need to. With our proprietary application method, you won’t. The EverSeal System locks your roof in and locks the weather out. No extra costs for large roofing contractor crews, demolition, or hazardous disposal.

Deduct 100% of the project costs this year

You can write off every penny you spend with EverSeal this year if you like. Our flat roof systems are 100% tax deductible this year under IRS Section 179.

Lower your energy bills up to 35% every single month

EverSeal flat roofing systems are highly reflective on flat and low-sloped roofs, Energy Star Rated, and environmentally friendly. Watch your utility bills drop and save up to 35% every single month.

Eliminate up to 5 future roofing projects

Avoid paying for a new roof every 10-20 years and watch your savings compound. Available in locations across the US, the EverSeal System is Guaranteed for 50 Years!

Keep business open and keep earning profits

You won’t lose a day to lost productivity. There’s no interruption to your normal day-to-day activities. Our certified technicians quietly and neatly apply the EverSeal System during normal working hours.

See how much you’ll be saving today with a FREE Cost Savings Report of Your Roof Today!

Your 50-Year Warranty

Only WaterTightRoofs gives you this exclusive


Your warranty is fully transferable to any and all future owner(s) of the property. Your warranty must be renewed once every 10 years. We will contact you as a courtesy reminder. Standard terms and conditions apply.

When we say that WaterTightRoofs will seal your flat roof permanently, we mean it. In fact, we GUARANTEE it for half a century.

Your 50-year guarantee covers both the flat roofing materials used AND the installation of your new roofing system. If you see a single leak resulting from a defect of the product OR installation, then the affected materials, labor or both will be covered by WaterTightRoofs and/or our manufacturing partners for FREE for the full term of the warranty.

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